Prayer requests & Appeals

please pray that may God provide us more helping hands for the recent needs of the Miracle School Ministries:
(1) sponsor a child
(2) Sponsor a family
(3) Sponsor a scholarship for higher education in     College/Academy/Universities etc
(4) Sponsor a teacher's Salary
(5) To open a Dispensory in rural areas
(6) To open sewing schools in the rural & brick kiln Areas to provide skills to adult girls instead of making bricks
(7) To Release families from brick kilns
(8) To supply food to Brick kiln people during the floods & monsoon season
(9) To provide books, copies, uniforms
(10) To provide Medicines
(11) Adoption of School of Miracle school's running expenses
(12) To start mobile Sunday Schools in rural & brick kiln Areas for evangelism & make these people able to know God personally
(13) To start primary schools in rural areas for the brick kiln kids