There are more than 600 children under the umbrella of The Miracle school Ministry & more than 150 children in the outreach work out. They are so poor kids deprived from the basic needs of the life even after the struggles of whole day these children never know if they would have a single chapatti a day. These poor orphan & brick kiln children are unable to have proper meal a day so we would like to provide them meal as lunch to the Miracle kids in both schools. Even we had some sponsors for the feeding program of Miracle Brick kiln School for few years with the help of Miracle friends. but from this April 2014 the duration would over so we would  like to continue the feeding program maximum for Brick kiln kids & start feeding program for Miracle Kids as well. So altogether we would like to start feeding program for 600 children to provide simple meal once a day. And for this we need your helping hands…..please feel free to contact us for this special need of the time…..