Medical Health:

We provide free medical treatment to the poor, orphans & brick kiln helpless children in special need of medical help beside the regular monthly need of medical. We have done the vaccinations of all the Miracle children group by group with the help of different friends. We always help the needy child in special medical need. There are some special kids who have been provided surgeries/operations & direct medical as follows:


Found at the last stage of TB (Tuberculosis) in 2007 from Brick kiln. He had provided urgent & special treatment from Miracle with the help of friends and today he is healthy boy released from brick kiln, studying in grade 7th. We have taken him to the Miracle school in city from the brick kiln village and he stayed in the miracle guest room after his hospital’s treatment. We kept him in the Miracle school Guest room for 7 years after discharging him from the hospital under great care & medication. Imran’s life is not less than a miracle for his family & us.


He had scalp tumor when we found him from brick kiln in 2006. His tumor was on the head and he was in miserable condition. But we are thankful to our friend that helped for his operation. Now he is healthy child.


He had Osteomyelitis in his leg. He was 3 years old boy & his leg was damaged by falling of hot brick’s wall on the kiln while he was playing beside his parents working there. His parents had no capacity to take him to the doctor because they had no access to the hospital. His leg got mucus & it changed to Osteomyelitis later which causes 7 operations to that little boy for 3 years. We are very thankful to our friend who has helped us to save that child. Now he is 7 years old child studying & walking perfectly.

Still there are so many children are in need of medical treatment and still waiting for help. if you would like to share your love with them so please contact us.......