Miracle school:

Miracle school: Miracle school is changing lives of hundreds of children. There are 400 orphans, single parent, poor, needy & helpless children studying in the Miracle school. Miracle School has classes from play Group, Kinder garden, Prep, 1st-10th class. Many children have done Matric from Miracle School since it has established. And today there are so many children who are living happy & prosperous lives (you could read about these children in the successful children’s stories’ section in website).

Still there are so many who need your help……

Miracle Brick kiln School:

When these brick kiln children saw other children going to school they got attracted and requested their parents to send them too to school, but their parents were hasn’t because financially they could not afford. Here we played our role; we motivated their parents by telling them that the education will be free.  Gradually the children got freedom from the compulsion of slavery.
Miracle Brick kiln School have established in 2006 & especially started for brick kiln children “bounded slaves’ children” who have born on brick kiln & living slaved lives with their parents. There are 200 children from classes Play Group, Kinder garden, Prep, 1st -5th, Free Education, books, copies, Uniforms, food, medical, clothes, shoes etc. It is primary school where we have great hope in the lives of these poor kids who only have one ray of hope in their lives in the face of Miracle Brick kiln School. . In 2007 Miracle Brick kiln school established and the reason to establish the school for brick kiln children was that because these children were struggling to reach a school. All of them weren’t even able to eat the daily meals (even once a day). Their life was miserable because they were bounded slaves. Most of the children work side by side with their parents with depressed spirits.

Pray for the more schools in the other Brick kiln areas of our outreach with your helping hands…..